To produce quality goods, and that too on time, you need a good production facility, capable of taking on any challenge thrown at you. in this regard, UFT exports possesses the best infrastructure that has the ability and potential to give you quality products. our manufacturing process has been vertically integrated to facilitate all the processes.


To weave fabric of supreme quality, it is imperative that superior quality raw material is procured at competitive prices. at Usman Fatima textiles sources finest quality yarn in the market is produced for our in house weaving. we weave fabric in our factory to get best for our clients from our 120 auto looms for 105” wide fabric and our 48 Sulzer looms for 130” wide fabric.

Dying and Printing

We strive for product innovation, sourcing dying and printing allows us to have TQM. Personal attention ensures that all the fabric leaving the processing department is properly inspected and thoroughly checked for relevant factors before being forwarded.


Cutting units working under the supervision of skilled unit managers, these cutting units are well equipped with latest machinery including auto cutter, band knife, spreader, etc.


In our factory, we have carried out the cutting and sewing process through which the fabric is transformed into a finished product by means of different sewing techniques to do the best for our clients. with 83 different types of machines. the quality control and quality assurance departments are in place to make sure the company’s objective of zero defect. computerized bar coding systems provide Usman Fatima Textiles 100% predictability and tracking performance.

Quality Lab

Here are quality checks at every stage of manufacturing starting from raw cotton, yarn, fabric, processing, cutting, stitching and packing. before the fabric is cut, it is checked whether it conforms to the customer’s standards of shrinkage, finished g/cm2 etc. after each lot of fabric is cut, 100% cut parts inspection is conducted to ensure that only good quality pieces move to the stitching units.